Japanese companies that do not have a base in Europe can also rely on us to provide contract services in the region.

Our engineers are sincerely in charge of maintenance services for various types of machinery, drive and control equipment.

​​Field Support Resources

Experienced engineers with outstanding expertise and skills are available for commissions in a wide range of fields, including mechanical, electrical and electronic, embedded and control, information systems and semiconductor equipment.

​Temporary staffing of production engineering

Safety-trained technicians are available at customers' plants for a variety of tasks, including assembly, machine operation, inspection and equipment management.

We focus on basic operations manuals and safety training programmes, so we dispatch staff who are ready to work.


To ensure smooth communication with Japanese manufacturers and users in the region, our technicians are available in Japanese, English and German.

We have basic technical and safety knowledge and can respond to a wide range of requirements.

​​Field Support Resources

Examples of services

Equipment start-up

・On-site installation of equipment, start-up and process evaluation

・Safety monitoring and site supervision

After-sales care of equipment

・Periodic inspection

・Cleaning of equipment internals and components

・Repair support in case of breakdowns

・Replacement of consumable parts of equipment

・Semiconductor equipment modifications

・Experienced technicians bring in repairs

Target devices

Fuel cells, semiconductor devices, inverters, control units.

Temporary staffing of production engineering

Examples of services

・Assembly and adjustment of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
 Stringing of parts, wiring and piping crawling, operation checks and adjustments, teaching.

・Automotive production support
 Installation, assembly and adjustment of equipment and robots, operation checks and evaluations, maintenance

・Quality control of automotive parts
 Inspection, quality control and documentation of parts

・Technical support for medical equipment
 Introduction and installation of medical equipment, operation checks and evaluations, maintenance and trouble-shooting

・Technical support for industrial robots
 Assembly, condition setting, operation checks and maintenance

・Production management contracting
 Ordering parts, checking and adjusting delivery dates, preparing documents

Interpreters and coordinators


Interpreters with technical knowledge to assist in English, Japanese and German.

・Intermediary and interpreter between Japanese companies and local customers.

・Translation of manuals and reports.

・Participation in regular meetings and reporting

・Scheduling and coordination of delivery dates

・Management and ordering of jigs and equipment in the factory.